Live From The Elimination Chamber

by Gay Dads

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released 10 July 2013
Recorded live at The Elimination Chamber July 9, 2013

Wes - Vocals/Noise
Daria - Guitar/Noise
Montana - Drums/Noise



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Track Name: Huntington's First Queercore Song
I'm so sick and tired of feeling like I'm trapped. If I can't escape, I'm gonna fucking snap. I want liberation, not equality. I don't subscribe to American dreams. If this is what I get, then fucking take it back, it's time to ditch the scraps they give and take what we deserve. It's time to take a stand, it's time to fucking fight, it's time to protect what we love.
Our bodies.
Our identities.
Our communities.
Track Name: 90's High School Grunge
Hold my nose and pour it down my throat. I've spent a lifetime swallowing my pride, struggling with your expectations of my identity. I reject your god and hIs archaic code. Your attempts to control my expression won't go unnoticed. We won't forgive you. We won't forget you. We won't accept this. We must bash back.
Track Name: Absolut Bullshit
The fact that you sponsor gay culture doesn't help when you're selling us addiction. Targeting me with television programming, brought to you by Absolut Vodka. I'm a new niche market, in a modern America. You're only interested in my money with no concern for the greater consequences. Ostracized, pushed into gay bars, corporate profits off of our need for a queer space. Let's create a better alternative, let's fucking do it. I will not be marketed. I will not be your income. Don't you dare speak for me.